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At the ITMA 2015 in Milan, the leading trade show of textile machinery in Europe, our single sided basis weight measurement system was introduced to an international audience.

  • The possibility to use this measurement system in an easy way inside of a production line close to a process was recognized as an attractive feature, as e.g. in a nonvoven line or a scattering process for fibers.
  • The use of an X-ray source, that can be switched off was appreciated to be advantageous as well. It runs at hight beam energies, leading largely to low sensitivity to chemical composition of the material to be measured and can be used for heavier materials also.


The feedback from the Techtextil in May 2015 in Frankfurt showed, that a basis weight determination with a single sided X-ray backscatter sensor is getting more and more favoured.

  • The easy integration to a production line is a key advantage and allows the application in most different fields.
  • It is found to be a decisive plus having a system that combines the measurement accuracy of a beta transmission system with the turn off property of an X-ray source.
  • There were many discussions about new fields of applications that can now be entered due to the wide measurement range of the system.