Precise Results in Established and Brandnew Fields

maX can be employed not only just where the automatized determination of basis weight is a useful tool since decades. New fields of application and measurement positions in a process line are accessible thanks to the single sided measurement principle.

Solely when measuring very light weight materials (< 50..100g/m²), the backscatter principle shows some special limitations concerning measurement accuracy. But also in these cases, the advantages of the uncomplex construction of the system and the unincisive sensitivity to chemical composition of the fabrics count for the outstanding properties of the measurement system.


Usually nonwovens are measured at the very end of their production process, just before they are wound up. maX offers the possibility to monitor state and quality of the fabric at any position within the production line.

Scattering technique

The material many floorings are made of, is scattered as granules onto a belt. Heat impact and pressure in a subsequent double belt press lead to a sheet material having an exactly defined thickness.

The scattered amount of material is measured by a maX system just after the scattering unit, allowing to adjust the deposit, if necessary. So you gain best results, because variations in thickness of the ready made sheets would show up immediately and precisely in preceding changes of scattered mass.

Laminating and coating

The correct application of material concerning absolute mass and its distribution CD is most important in laminating and coating processes.
The accurate inline measurement of these parameters and their utilization in a control loop ensures a stable and efficient production.